In view of Notification of Home Department bearing no.SRV/1057/5329(ii)-JJJ, dated 23rd March, 1959, the Government of Bombay has created Akola Judicial District with effect from the 1st day of April, 1959. After 1902, various enactments were made applicable, berar and Courts were established. Originally there was only Sessions Judge but later on post of District and Sessions Judge, was created at Akola. Berar had two Divisions East Berar and West Berar. Berar having two districts each. Akola was the Head Quarter of West Berar comprising of Akola and Buldhana District. District Judge, Akola had Jurisdiction over Buldhana District. After the bifurcation of Buldhana District and Akola District (Revenue tahsil) Civil Courts were established seperately in revenue tahsil i.e. Akot, Balapur, Washim , Mangrulpir, Murtizapur and Karanja. Prior to 03/03/2013 Akola Judicial District having 13 (Thirteen) Talukas namely, Akola, Barshitakli, Akot, Telhara, Balapur, Patur, Murtizapur, Malegaon, Washim, Risod, Mangrulpir, Karanja and Manora wherein Civil and Criminal Courts were established. Akola Judicial District is bifurcated and new Washim Judicial District is created w.e.f. 03/03/2013. The Court building for Principal District Judge, Washim and Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Washim has been inaugurated by the Hon’ble Shri Chief Justice Mohitji Shah of Bombay High Court. Washim Judicial District consists of Six Talukas namely, Washim, Mangrulpir, Malegaon, Karanja, Risod and Manora. Akola Judicial District consists of Two Sessions Divisions namely Akola and Akot Divisions. Akot division formed with effect from 05/01/2005 inaugurated by the Hon’ble Shri Chief Justice Dalveer Bhandariji of Bombay High Court.